about rotterdam
and why we are in love with "our" 010
Modern, innovative, artsy and bursting with urban life
You will love Rotterdam!
About Rotterdam

A city risen from the ashes of a World War II bombardment, Rotterdam is place unlike any other in the Netherlands. Modern, innovative and bursting with urban life, Rotterdam is a must-see city!

The overwhelming skyline, sculped by some of the worlds most famous architects, will never cease to amaze you. Art is literally on the streets. Rotterdam is known for its no-nonsense locals, vivid festivals and stunning architecture. Let the city sweep you off your feet in all it’s diversity! 

The basics
people live in Rotterdam
different nationalities -roughly
height (in meters) of our tallest building
minute trainride from Schiphol airport
What to do in Rotterdam
Photo's by Martijn Berlage

Martijn is a talented local photographer, widely known for his concert photography. Just like us, Martijn is in love with the city and kindly gave us some of his work to share with you on our website. You can find his concert photography on a featured wall in Bar3 so make sure to check it out! 

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